At Chris Kappler Inc. we pride ourselves on meticulously attending to every detail of the competitive show jumper. This "total package" approach includes honest and thorough evaluation for clients who are looking to purchase a horse. Horses in our care benefit from a complete team of elite vets and farriers, mangers, caretakers, riders and trainers with the expertise to help them compete confidently and successfully at every level. Riders in our program compete with confidence and achieve top results because they are thoroughly prepared by a balanced schedule of training at home and competition. With a full program of lessons and training at home and with an experienced team supporting them at shows, our horses and riders achieve competitive success at every level they aspire to.

Horse Acquisition

We search for athletic modern sport horses with established competition results. Through Chris' network of contacts in the industry, he has extensive access to top horses. We take pride in finding special horses that suit our riders' strengths and competition goals.

Care & Nutrition

Horses at Chris Kappler, Inc. receive educated and detailed care to ensure that each is happy, healthy, and performing to the best of its abilities. With over 25 years of experience working with George Morris, Chris Kappler has not only developed his riding and teaching, but his approach to care as well. From custom nutrition and exercise programs, to individualized training and show care, we have the resources and know-how to ensure you compete confidently and successfully at every level.

Horse & Rider Growth

Results in the show ring begin with careful preparation at home. Training methods include a strong focus on proper flatwork for both horses and riders. Horses are trained using traditional methods along with the necessary time and patience so they become accepting and responsive to their riders' aids. Proper flatwork also develops strength and fitness in every horse. Students receive extensive flatwork training so they learn to properly exercise and school their horses and develop feeling and timing.

Sale Horses

Chris has access to quality horses at every level due to his reputation of integrity and strong relationships with professionals in the United States and abroad. We often have sales horses available in our barn and also have the network of contacts to find horses that meet any specifications. In addition, we are always looking and invite anyone with a horse for sale to send us videos and information.